You are currently viewing Plan your AZ-203 certification today !

Plan your AZ-203 certification today !

AZ-203 is the new certification exam announced By Microsoft few months back.

The 70-532 certification is now retired. People who have given 70-532 exam need to either appear AZ-202 to retain their certification OR they can directly appear for AZ-203.

Before we look at the AZ-203 articles…

The below sections shows the skills which will be measured in AZ-203. These skills are further mapped to other article in this blog. These articles should help everyone to prepare for the exam.

If you are new to Azure platform, then I would suggest to go through below blogs to get idea around some basic concepts.

Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions (10-15%)

  • Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services
    • Manage batch jobs by using Batch Service API
    • Run a batch job by using Azure CLI, Azure portal, and other tools
    • Write code to run an Azure Batch Services batch job

Develop Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions (20-25%)

Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)

Implement Azure security (10-15%)

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)

Connect to and Consume Azure Services and Third-party Services (20-25%)

I have tried to provide information on almost all the different areas related to AZ-203 certifications at one single place. I hope this blog series helps you to get your certification done. Do not forget to comment and let me know if this helped you.

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