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Add your existing Azure SQL single databases to elastic pool

I created a single database in one of my previous articles. I also created elastic pool. But when I navigated to elastic pool, I could not find any button or user interface element which will allow me to add my single SQL database to this elastic pool.

I could not find any straight forward information and so, I thought I will write the steps in this article.

Add existing database using Azure portal

Login to Azure Portal, and navigate to the elastic pool you already have created. Then click on the configure button.

This will open the next panel, where you can configure the storage and compute for elastic pool. Then you can click on Databases button which is near to pool settings. You can add or remove databases from the elastic pool from this screen.

Then click on “Add databases“.

Once you click on Add databases, you can click select the existing databases from the list on right side and then click on Apply button.

Then you can click on the Save button from the configure screen to add the database. It may take few seconds to add or remove database to/from the elastic pool.

You can then go to Overview of the elastic pool, which will show the list of databases in the current elastic pool.

Adding new database to elastic pool

For creating new database in elastic pool, you can go to Overview of elastic pool and then click on Create database button. Once you click on this, you will be shown a screen to add a new database.

On SQL database panel, you need to provide database name. Then you can select blank database, or create a sample adventure works database. Alternatively you can restore from the backup of the database.

You can select the collation of the new database.

Then click on OK button to create new database. This database will be added to the elastic pool.

I hope this article helps you and saves some of your time. Let me know your thoughts.

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