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Azure CDN – Preloading Contents on CDN Endpoint

In this short post, let’s have a look at how to preload the assets on CDN endpoint POPs even before user tries to request them.


You would need to have an Azure account with an active subscription.  If you do not have it yet, you can create one for free. And then sign in to the Azure portal.

You might want to follow the steps mentioned in previous post to create the CDN profile, Azure web app and CDN endpoint for the web app.


In the Azure portal, browse to the CDN profile containing the endpoint you wish to pre-load. The profile pane opens. Click the endpoint (which is corresponding to the web app) in the list. The endpoint pane opens.

On the Overview blade, click on Load option which would open a new panel on right hand side.

Azure Portal: Preload assets on the CDN endpoint

On the Load panel, you can specify the list of Content path which are relative paths, from where the assets should be preloaded.

In the above snapshot, the assets from /images/ and /videos/ would be preloaded, meaning the contents would be cached in POP servers, even before any user tries to access them.

I hope you found this information useful. Let me know your thoughts.

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