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Azure Load Balancer – Load balance virtual machines

In this post of load balancer series, let’s verify the load balancer setup.

We created a virtual network and it has 2 virtual machines from an availability set. Then a public load balancer has these two virtual machines as backend. A rule also has been specified. In this post, we will verify that the setup is working.

If you want to go through the steps, you can go through below posts:

Install IIS

Login to the virtual machines and then install the IIS on each of them.

Once the IIS is setup, you can change the default page from IIS to show the VM name. That way, it would be easier to verify if the traffic is being load balanced.

If you have created windows virtual machine, then below PowerShell script can be used to install IIS and change the default page of IIS.


Navigate to the load balancer demo-lb, and from the Overview blade, copy the public IP of load balancer. Then open two browsers and try to access URL: http://{public-ip}}. You would be able to see the virtual machine where the traffic was routed.

Thus, the whole setup seems to be working !

Azure Load Balancer: Load balancing rule is working

I hope you found this series helpful. Let me know your thoughts.

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