Azure Bicep - Resources
Azure Bicep - Resources

Azure Bicep – Some important links for bicep developers

This is going to be the last article (at least last from the year 2022), about Azure Bicep. I have been writing about Azure Bicep since past few weeks. In this article, I have compiled list of few of those articles and some other links, from documentation / GitHub which may be very useful for developers working on Azure Bicep.

Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Below is the list of all articles which I have written as a part of this series. I hope you find this information helpful.

Public Bicep Repository

There is a public repository of bicep modules. There is a GitHub repository, which contains the source code of all currently available Bicep modules in the Bicep public module registry. It can be helpful to further understand the bicep concepts in detail.

Bicep Playground

The Bicep Playground enables you to view equivalent ARM template and Bicep files side by side. You can select Sample Template to see both versions. Or, select Decompile to upload your own ARM template and view the equivalent Bicep file.

I hope you find this information helpful. Let me know your thoughts.

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