Blazor App - Event Handling

Blazor Apps – Handling the UI Events

In past few articles, I have been exploring the Blazor WebAssembly App features. We have discussed routing and navigation. We have discussed about binding data to the form and submitting…

Blazor App - Form Input Validations

Blazor App – Input Controls and Validations

In previous article, we have discussed about the @bind Razor directive attribute and how it can be used for binding the data. In this article, we are going to discuss another important…

Blazor Routing Basics

How does Blazor Routing work ?

In previous articles, we have created a solution which contains an API project and a Blazor WebAssembly Standalone App. We also have demonstrated how the API can be called from…

.NET 7 - Creating First Blazor Server App

.NET 7 – Getting Started With Blazor Server App

In previous article, we have discussed the difference between Blazor Server App vs Blazor WebAssembly project. In this article, let's try to create the Blazor Server App project. Create the…